RG Technology

Renaissance Glassware has developed multiple proprietary technologies which, when combined, produce unique and advanced fine glassware products which deliver elegance of design as well as dynamically enhanced wines, spirits, teas and coffees.

New Advances in Molecular and Material Science

Our molecular and material scientists have, through many years of empirical research, developed a proprietary formulation which combines precious and semi-precious crystalline gemstone elements to produce our Lead-Free Renaissance Crystal (R-Crystal) a revolutionary crystalline material that dynamically enhances the wines, spirits, teas and coffees residing within its elegant walls.

New Advances in the Glassware Manufacturing Process

The second part of our proprietary workflow is to apply our advanced manufacturing techniques in the production of each of our fine glassware pieces. These processes produce fine glassware products that reach new levels of purity, full-spectrum clarity and the dynamic enhancement of wines, spirits, teas and coffees.

A Word About the Premium Value of our Glassware

Our mission has been and remains focused upon producing the finest glassware pieces that are both beautifully designed and technologically advanced for the purpose of exceeding the quality and performance requirements of the discerning global communities which care deeply about and are investing a great deal of time and resources in the amazing wines, spirits, teas and coffees which are produced globally. The high cost of the materials and labor invested into every piece of Renaissance Glassware dictates that our premium products must be sold at a premium price point. Each piece is one of a kind and is an exquisite work produced by expert artisans and created from the finest materials available. Once you’ve seen, held and tasted your favorite wines, spirits, teas and coffees from one of our pieces of fine glassware, we are confident you will agree.