Like the name implies, the Florence Collection, is where it all begins. Just as Florence, Italy was the epicenter of the great rebirth of art, philosophy, literature and culture, the Florence Collection brings all the promise of a new paradigm to fine glassware.

With a generous sized bowl the Florentina Multi-varietale Sommelier produces optimal bouquet development for a wide-range wine varietals and adds to the already revolutionary smoothing and flavor enhancements of the piece’s advanced technological profile.

Whether you’ve invested hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in your wine collection, you expect each and every bottle, glass and taste to deliver on the promise of those grapes carefully grown and processed by that artisan winemaker all those years ago.

As another significant city in the growth of the Renaissance, the Venice Collection continues the transformative advancement of our fine glassware where we focus our technology and design to enhance the aspects of champagnes of all kinds.

The Renaissance Milanese Una and Due are exquisitely designed Spirits tasting glasses which will dynamically enhance your favorite spirits while funneling the particular aromas gently to your nose with each sip.

This is your opportunity to disrupt the glassware space with your own bespoke piece of glassware. Let your imagination and sense of design lead you to that beautiful shape that will bring a smile to your face every time you fill it with your favorite, wines, spirits or teas.