Product Care

Product Care

How to Care for Your Renaissance Glassware Products

Properly caring for your Renaissance product is an important part of ownership. We have created these product care instructions to help you with this important part of ownership.

Cleaning and/or Polishing Your Glassware by Hand

Always clean your glassware with mild soap, clean and/or polish with soft cotton cloth or microfiber cloth. Always hold stemmed glassware by the bowl / bell and gently clean and/or polish inside and out, allowing the glassware to dry naturally. Do not hold your stemmed glassware by the stem while cleaning and/or polishing or clean and/or polish the bowl / bell while holding the stem.

Using a Dishwasher to Clean Your Glassware

Renaissance Glassware is dishwasher safe, but care must be taken to ensure your glassware is not damaged or broken during this process.

Set your dishwasher to the delicate cycle. Use Cascade at 50% of the normal usage.  Place your glassware upside down making sure other items do not touch your glassware or could be moved by the water Pinot your glassware.