At Renaissance Glassware, our passion to combine classic artisan design and craftsmanship with the latest technological innovations has inspired us to develop a breakthrough proprietary process resulting in glassware products that deliver new levels of Color, Clarity, Bouquet, Taste, Body and Structure across all of our collections.

Our products are the result of many decades of collective education and experience in the areas of material science, applied physics, engineering, design and classic glass blowing. Our passion is to harmoniously join these collective educations and experiences to create fine glassware pieces that emphasize beauty, elegance design and innovation.



We are committed to deliver the very best set of fine glassware to you and to support you through the life of your glassware to ensure that your total experience with Renaissance Glassware is worthy of our name and reputation.

As part of our total client commitment, we will repair or replace each piece of glassware you purchase for us in accordance with the Renaissance Glassware Satisfaction Guarantee. We will also store the bespoke materials and other items unique to your set to ensure that we can deliver additional pieces should you decide to expand your set.


The creation of each piece of our fine glassware is difficult and time consuming. The process begins by sourcing the finest raw materials from around the world. Only the finest raw materials will allow (when properly prepared and crafted) each piece to live up to the quality and performance worthy of the name with which it is proudly adorned.

Once the raw materials have been secured, the first phase of our propriety process wherein we precisely prepare the raw materials, begins. Next, our artisan glass blowers begin the creative process as they meticulously form each angle and curve to bring the piece to life.


WIth the individual bespoke piece having been artistically brought to life, it now moves to our quality control team to ensure the piece meets our strict standards of craftsmanship, quality and performance. With quality control having approved the piece, all that remains is for our tuning team to tune the piece based upon proprietary specifications for the specific client.

Because of our challenging and demanding end-to-end creative process, every piece of Renaissance Glassware is Unique, Rare and Exclusive. We will only be able to create a limited number of pieces each year which will make it difficult for everyone that would like a set to actually obtain a set.


As a result of these difficult realities, we have created a very client focused purchase process. Each potential client of Renaissance Glassware will be provided an opportunity to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives by either scheduling an appointment via the website, or by invitation from one of our clients.

This unique process will enable us to provide the highest customer service and care to each of our wonderful clients and ensure that the limited numbers of our fine glassware are effectively and efficiently delivered to our current clients.